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I started this blog several years ago when I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. My original intention was to write about my cancer experience so I could share with friends and family. I soon had people from all over the world contacting me because their lives were somehow touched by pancreatic cancer. Every person I heard from was thankful that I was willing and able to talk about my own experience.  I am forever grateful people reached out to me to let me know my writing helped them. This blog became an important part of my treatment and recovery.

From the time I was diagnosed, I always said I did not want people to remember me solely for having pancreatic cancer. My cancer journey was certainly life changing, as it probably is for everyone diagnosed with cancer or any other major medical illness. I have shared my story countless times over the years, but cancer is only part of my story.

In the last few years, I have shared my thoughts, ideas and experiences with readers about topics that have nothing to do with cancer. Life is full of so many joys and so many challenges. In a world where people only want to present their perfect lives, my intent has been to keep things real and, hopefully, to keep things funny. My sense of humor has kept me going during the darkest moments of my life. Because I am not just a cancer survivor, I am writing about all kinds of subjects that are important. I am in the process of retooling this website so I can make it easier to focus on different topics.

Thank you for reading, and please stay tuned while I implement the new website.