My name is Tonia and I live in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO. I am married to Stephen, and we have two lovely daughters.  I enjoy running trails and occasionally run some ultramarathons. I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in 2013. I have been cancer free for five years now. Sometimes I run. Sometimes I have surgery for the things that keep me from running. I write about running, not running, and a host of other topics, many appropriate for polite society, others not so much.

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  1. Tonia,
    A friend of mine I know from the running community out in Colorado Springs just sent me a link to your article in Women’s Adventure Magazine. What a beautiful article which led me to reading your blog tonight. I just felt I needed to send you a note as pancreatic cancer became a reality in my life when my mom was diagnosed 18 months ago coming up on this November 17th! She is in that 6% with you, doing great, not in remission yet, but low tumor markers and improving CT scans after a Stage IV diagnosis in June of 2013! Our family has become very involved in the PANCAN organization and my mom just had the honor to be the survivor speaker at Purple Light in Cincinnati OH. I just am so thrilled to read your story, it’s a journey and you are an inspiration just like my mom. My mom has a mantra that started on day one of chemo in the parking lot, Shrink Baby Shrink! It’s been working and we sure do repeat it often. Thanks for sharing your journey, sending you continued strength to continue your running and zest for life. I’m excited to share your story with my mom. Sending you my best, Nickie


    1. Hi Nickie! Thanks so much for writing. I am amazed at how close knit the running community is, no matter how far apart we may live. I would love to know who sent the article! My anniversary of diagnosis/surgery is November 18. I am glad your mom is responding to treatment. I hope the chemo has not been too hard on her body. It is awesome that she got to speak at the Purple Light.I will keep your family in my thoughts. The Pancreatic Cancer family is pretty darned fabulous. Our numbers are small but we are mighty!


  2. Tonia,
    Thank you for your blog. It provides hope and inspiration. I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in March of 2014 at age 44. I underwent whipple surgery and have since had 35 chemo treatments and counting. Prior to my diagnosis I had run over 30 ultras. I agree with you that both the mental and physical training in running helps greatly in enduring this battle. Relentless Forward Motion and maintaining a “normal” lifestyle has been the key for me.

    Thank you for your efforts to bring more attention to this disease and congrats in your success both in running and life.


    David Eck


    1. David,

      Thank you so much for your comments. I started this blog because I wanted to give other PC survivors and athletes hope. I am so glad that you have reached out to me.I am incredibly sorry that you have been diagnosed with PC, and for all that you have gone through. Please stay in touch and keep me posted on how you are doing.


  3. Do you have an email? I’m a runner who has done over 26 full marathons and 2 ultras. My last ultra and longest run has been 80 Miles (103K) in Poland, -18. I am planning to do the Bryce Canyon 100 Mile June 16th this year. Could we get in touch? I’d appreciate some tips. Thanks.


  4. Hi Tonia,
    My name is Susan and I am the web manager for a nonprofit called Let’s Win! Pancreatic Cancer (https://letswinpc.org/). Our mission is to help patients connect with doctors to get information on the latest treatments for pancreatic cancer. We publish stories about the science, patient treatment stories, and videos of long-term survivors. I saw your Washington Post story and wondered if you would want to share your story with us. You can email me directly at susan@letswinpc.org.

    We sometimes work with the other pancreatic cancer nonprofits, including Project Purple, on awareness projects like World Pancreatic Cancer Day.



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