First chemotherapy treatment

Yesterday was my first chemotherapy infusion. My husband is off from work on Mondays for the next couple of months, so we scheduled my treatments for Monday so he could go with me. We went for a run after bringing the kids to school. After cleaning up, we ate some lunch and then headed to the cancer center.

     We checked in and then were called back to the infusion room. The nurse told us to sit wherever we pleased and she would find us. The room is very large with rows of comfy reclining chairs. Steve and I found a corner of the room that was unoccupied and settled in. The nurse came and hooked my port up to the IV. I got a small dose of heparin, and then some anti nausea medicine. After about 15 minutes, she came over and hooked up the chemo. The actual chemo drip only takes about 35 minutes. So, altogether, my time hooked up was only about an hour. I was told to plan two hours per visit total.

    The nurse told me that I would probably feel worse a day or two after my infusion. She also told me that I may be surprised by how well I feel the first two weeks. Apparently, the side effects usually get worse about 15-20 days into treatment.

   The worst part yesterday was the headache I got after treatment. I took it easy last night. I was pleased that I was able to attend a scheduled meeting this morning.

   This afternoon, I was feeling tired, with a headache a bit of nausea. I debated with myself over whether I should nap or run, and the run won out. I got a nice run in this afternoon, and my headache temporarily felt better. Fresh air and sunshine really are the best medicine! I don’t know how I will feel over the coming weeks, but I plan on making the most of every day that I feel well. If all goes as planned, I am down one treatment and have 17 more to go over six months.



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